Firm History

The firm today known as LeGros Buchanan & Paul was founded in 1890 by Frank H. Huffer.  As new partners joined Huffer's firm, the name evolved.  In 1909, we became Huffer, Hayden & Hamilton, and in 1922, Huffer, Hayden & Bucey.  Three years later, in 1925, we were Huffer, Hayden, Merritt, Summers & Bucey.


With the arrival of Messrs. Merritt and Summers, the Firm's signature practice became admiralty and maritime law.  The admiralty practice brought Messrs. Hayden, Merritt, and Summers before the United States Supreme Court in 1933, The Pacific Cedar, 290 U.S. 117, and again in 1936, The Taigen Maru, 297 U.S. 114.


Post-World War II the Firm saw additional name changes.  In 1944, we became Hayden, Merritt, Summers & Stafford, two years later, in 1946, Merritt, Summers & Bucey, and then, in 1950, Summers, Bucey & Howard.


Ted LeGros, a member since 1946, added his name to the Firm in 1962 when we became Summers, Howard & LeGros.  While Messrs. Richard Buchanan and Tom Paul were also members during this period, all three current names appeared together the first time in 1968 when we became Howard LeGros Buchanan & Paul.


Their three names have since identified the Firm.  In 1978, we became LeGros Buchanan Paul & Madden, then, in 1981, LeGros Buchanan Paul & Whitehead.  In 1990, the Firm celebrated its 100th Anniversary, and in 1992, we finally became LeGros Buchanan & Paul, a name that exemplifies outstanding legal service, and will for decades to come.